Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

This certificate focuses on extracting data and information from a computing environment and database. It mainly focuses on Information Technology. It also help students to understand the terms and concepts used in IT, the design and functions of the computer. Students will be able to distinguish between different types of operating systems. They will learn effective use of office tools; understand the significance of databases in user productivity, the usage of internet and the need for local and wide area networks.

Course Structure

S.No Subjects
1 Information Technology (CIT-01)
2 Operating Systems (CIT-02)
3 Computer Organization and Architecture (CIT-03)
4 Fundamentals of Networking and Internet (CIT-04)
5 Fundamentals of Database Management Systems (CIT-05)
6 Viva-Voce (CIT-06)

SSSC (+2) or its equivalent degree recognized by AMU.

Sr.No Fees Amount
1 Application Fees Rs. 300/-
2 Course Fee Rs. 6000/-
3 Total Fee Rs. 6300/-

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