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29 May 2019
Wajib Ali

I gladly admit that the course has provided necessary insights into management principles applicable to the business world. Being a banker dealing with high value advances to medium enterprises, it is imperative to look beyond the financial statements of the companies. The course has given me a broader perspective of the business, helping me to understand my clients in a much better way.

Software Engineer
29 May 2019
Juned Khan

 I have enrolled for the PGDBA Program at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. The elaborate course material, facility to have e-learning sessions, live chat room and not to forget the virtual classrooms helps one to prepare in totality, thus enabling you to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. I feel most content and would like to appreciate the freedom that one gets to schedule their exams online. The flexibility that the program offers to study at your own time, fits perfectly into my busy work schedule in spite of spending long hours at the office. Above all, Symbiosis has a good recognition and acceptability amongst employers and this helps one to progress in their career.

Team Leader at Facebook
28 May 2019
Juber Khan

As a professional aiming for growth, Business Program is for securing career growth and not for the grades and this is totally taken care at AMU Center for Distance Learning! The best part of studying with AMU is the employers acceptability and perspective. In addition, the up-todate contents coupled with virtual classes and faculty chats make it an enriching experience for students.

Project Manager at Tech AOTOS India
28 May 2019
Kunal Bhat

I was looking for a program which would provide me a firm grounding as an entrepreneur in a short duration, at my convenience & help me think away from the 'task' mode towards a 'growth' mode. That's when I short listed the Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship Development at Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. The overall course is fast-paced yet comprehensive and provides necessary entrepreneurial perspective of one's work, of leveraging the on-field experience to strategize, organize, manage and deliver growth.

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