Centre For Distance Education

The Centre for Distance Education library is the most resourceful information centre in the country in the field of Distance Education. The library has the largest collection of books, journals and other related materials in the field of Distance Education, throughout the country. It was established in 1989 in tune with the objectives of Centre for Distance Education.
As the role of the Library within any University can be realised only in the context of the institution's philosophy of education, the basic objectives of the L&D are in tune with those of the Centre for Distance Education. They are as follows:

  • To develop appropriate collections in various disciplines for satisfying the needs of the diverse clientele of the libraries of the University
  • To provide reading, lending, reference, information and documentation facilities to all categories of staff and students,
  • To develop a special collection of distance education books and journals at the libraries.
  • To provide documentation and comprehensive reference/information services in areas related to distance education to other Open Universities of the world in general and in India in particular.

Collection: Library has a collection of about 30000 thousands books and bound volumes of periodicals. Library has reserved some of its collection as Textbooks collection, which is to consulted in the library or can be issued for overnight.